Retail Trade Analysis

Lake City Retail Trade Analysis

Retail and Service Business Analysis

The Lake City EDA conducted an analysis of Lake City's retail and service businesses by comparing the count of businesses in each NAICS code to other similar cities in Minnesota. The analysis including graphs and summary information is available in Retail Comparison Analysis Lake City.

You can find individual business counts here hereand a copy of the UMN Extension's Retail and Service Business Mix Tool here. For specific business count information that informed the analysis please see the Lake City Retail Trade Analysis.

Additional retail analysis is also available. The Lake City EDA, in partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension, underwent a detailed analysis of the retail sector of both the city and Goodhue and Wabasha Counties. The report was first conducted in 2006 and updated in 2016. The analysis gives an historical overview of the retail trade sector in our area, provides a basis for comparison with similar size communities and counties and is useful for identifying opportunities within the retail sector in Lake City. Access a complete copy of the Lake City Retail Trade Analysis.