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Education in Lake City MN
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Lake City offers excellence in both public and private education. The Lake City Public Schools serve more than 1200 students drawn from a 195 square mile area, serving more than 95 percent of the Lake City student body.

Lake City Public Schools focus student learning around the four Cs - creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication – essential elements to success whether students go on to higher education or start careers in manufacturing or the trades. From robotics to athletics to the arts to mathematics, the Lake City schools strive to build well-rounded students ready to contribute their skills and talents when they graduate.

In addition to traditional classroom delivery of knowledge, the Lake City Public Schools are committed to ensuring our students are ready for today’s fast-paced world by providing current technology to enhance our students’ learning experiences. The E21 iPad initiative began in the 2012-13 school year to give each 9th grade high school student access to an iPad for classroom and home learning. This 1:1 iPad program grew each year, and today all students in grades 7 to 12 have 1:1 access with an iPad. In September of 2015, the 1:1 iPad program was expanded to all middle school students as well.

In addition to traditional school funding, the Independent School District 813 is supported by the Lake City Education Foundation funded by local businesses and individuals which provides financial resources for supplementary projects such as creation of innovation laboratories and leadership training.

From free preschool programs to partnerships between the high school and community college; Lake City has the educational facilities, programs and services to support a lifetime of learning.

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