EDA Team

Mark Fayette

Mark Fayette
Member-at-Large (Term March 2020–December 2026)

Fayette joined the Board in September 2010. He is a member of the Marketing Committee, has a special interest in Opportunity Zones and all things related to developing Lake City’s abundant real estate assets.

Mark is an entrepreneur who has been active in business creation even prior to moving to Lake City in 1982. Most businesses have found their roots in real estate with a few exceptions. Mark and his wife Shayna enjoyed getting familiar with the community during their successful 12 year run as the owners of a restaurant they built and operated known as Waterman’s on Lake Pepin. Mark is also a patent holder and founding partner in a company that launched an innovative porch window concept nationwide 2017. An active member of the community Fayette has enjoyed his time serving the community in various capacities including service on the Jaycees, Mayo Health Systems Development Council and the Chamber of Commerce Board as its President.

Fayette attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse majoring in Economics and Sociology. Mark is a Real Estate Broker licensed in Minnesota with experience in residential and mixed-use land development including multiple projects in Lake City. He is co-owner of Shaymar, Inc., a company specializing in real estate development, project management, property management and business, commercial, industrial and residential property sales. His term expires at the end of 2026.