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Lake City Facade Improvement Program

Lake City Front Facade Program

Lake City Economic Development Authority downtown façade improvement program’s purpose is to make appropriate façade improvements to buildings in downtown Lake City in order to highlight the City’s rich architectural heritage as well as enhance the  visual appeal and vibrancy of the downtown area.

The façade improvement program can only be used for exterior repairs/improvements, code violation corrections, handicapped accessibility and energy efficiency improvements.

  • The minimum amount of assistance per building is $1,000
  • The maximum amount of assistance per building is $10,000
  • The maximum percentage of assistance per building is 50% of the total project cost.
  • The breakdown will be 50% façade improvement grant, 50% owner investment.
  • Owner investment can come in the form of equity or commercial financing.
  • Lake City Downtown Façade Improvement program funds will be paid directly to the
    contractor or party doing the work.

For more information please go to the Lake City Façade Improvement page.