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Occupational Employment Statistics 2017

Minnesota Employment and Development has a Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) data tool that shows employment and typical wages by occupation and region in Minnesota. This information can help employers benchmark wages and can help job seekers and students explore careers.


Retail Comparison Analysis Lake City

Graph Retail Analysis Lake City

The Lake City EDA conducted an analysis of Lake City's retail and service businesses by comparing the count of businesses in each NAICS code to other similar cities in Minnesota. The analysis including graphs and summary information is available in Retail Comparison Analysis Lake City


Population Pyramids

A population pyramid can help us identify future needs based on population density by age. Assuming static in- and out-migration, we can use this data to predict needs for city and other resident services. Consider that in 5 years, the 0 – 5 year old age group will be 5 – 10 years old and be in the school system. In 10 years, most of our 65 – 69 year old age group will be retired and likely to need more medical services Compare the shape of the Lake City population pyramid to that of Minnesota and the US to see where our future needs may align or be different from the rest of the state and country. For more information, contact the EDA.


Lake City Facts

Water Skiing Invented in
Distance From Twin Cities Metro
Distance from Rochester
Established In

Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are limited to 11 cumulative hours driving in a 14-hour period, following a rest period of no less than 10 consecutive hours.

Drivers employed by carriers in "daily operation" may not work more than 70 hours within any period of 8 consecutive days.

Lake City is ideally located to reach many major cities in 1 day within that ruling.

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Lake City uses LOIS to list their properties.

LOIS is a national online location analysis tool designed for communities and economic development organizations to promote available site and building inventory. The tool uses customizable layers with market information, demographics, workforce, infrastructure, housing, business and industry.

To get a full listing from their site, simply select the LOIS image.